Zeeverse Review: Exploring the Enchanting World of Creature Tamers

Zeeverse is a sprawling MMORPG that immerses players in the role of creature tamers within a universe deeply influenced by native mythology.

Zeeverse Review: Exploring the Enchanting World of Creature Tamers
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Zeeverse Game Overview

Zeeverse (playable on arbitrum) is an intriguing creature tamer MMO RPG that whisks players away into a mesmerizing indigenous fantasy universe. From the moment you log in, you're confronted with a pivotal decision: select your elemental companion, be it fire, water, or nature. This choice is your key to the enthralling adventures waiting on this mystical island.

Zeeverse Game Gameplay

The island is teeming with captivating locations and points of interest, setting the stage for thrilling exploration. What's unique is the dynamic social element where players can interact with one another. Yet, before you dive into the island's enigmatic depths, you must find and enter the portal, your gateway to dungeons fraught with peril.

Inside these dungeons, pixel art landscapes and formidable creatures greet you. Elemental matchups come into play, offering tactical advantages based on the elements of your creatures and your foes. Battles offer two options: a standard attack and a creature-specific special move. Wise decision-making is paramount, considering the cooldowns of these special abilities.


Early dungeons serve as tutorials, introducing game mechanics. But as you progress, challenges escalate, with no chances for healing between encounters. While there's an autoplay feature, it tends to make suboptimal choices, leading to undeserved defeats. Manual play proves superior, showcasing the game's true essence.

Successfully conquering dungeons grants experience points (XP) and Vee coins, essential for progression. Some dungeons even yield precious loot, like eggs that hatch into new creatures, expanding your roster of allies.

Beyond dungeons, the island offers attractions like partnerships with other games and the whimsical disco llama, adding lively music and dance to the mix. Players can emote and chat with other characters. Customization is possible through loot pods, although they currently don't impact gameplay. Tokens and experience level up creatures, enhancing their attack, defense, and health.

Dungeon clearing is capped daily based on your energy reserves, represented by a jar of purple liquid with an eyeball. Daily quests help guide your focus and time optimization. Although you encounter a variety of monsters in dungeons, gameplay can become repetitive. Nevertheless, the game maintains a decent level of challenge, leading to occasional failures in dungeon conquests.

Zeeverse Game Review

For those thirsting for competition, Zeeverse presents an arena where players can battle and even wager Vee tokens, injecting extra excitement and risk. The game is accessible across Android, iOS, and web browsers, catering to diverse platforms. Best of all, it's free to play.

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Overall, Zeeverse delivers an enjoyable experience with room for improvement, as expected in a game under development. Its immersive indigenous fantasy world and engaging gameplay hint at a promising future. Players can look forward to seeing how the game evolves and what fresh features await.

Zeeverse Game Final Review

Zeeverse offers an enjoyable gaming experience, though there's still room for improvement in its ongoing development. With its immersive indigenous fantasy world and captivating gameplay, Zeeverse shows great potential for the future. Players can anticipate exciting updates and enhancements.


  • Accessible across multiple platforms
  • Intriguing PvP wagering mechanism
  • Engaging story mode


  • Limited strategic choices
  • Maps serve as scenery only
  • Auto battle is less than optimal

Zeeverse Game official website: https://play.zee-verse.com/