My Neighbor Alice: A Relaxing, Open-World Builder Game

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder crypto game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.

My Neighbor Alice: A Relaxing, Open-World Builder Game
My Neighbor Alice game

What is My Neighbor Alice game?

My Neighbor Alice invites players into the vibrant and peaceful world of the Lummelunda Archipelago, where the guardian Alice, along with speaking animals, needs assistance in cultivating the land. Players are entrusted with their own piece of land and tasked with terraforming and decorating it with a variety of in-game items, including houses, lakes, decorations, animals, and plants.

How to play My Neighbor Alice?

Similar to games like Town Star, My Neighbor Alice offers quests and tasks to help players engage in farming, including growing vegetables, fruits, and animals. The game encourages personalization through decorations and cosmetics, some of which are community-created NFT items.

Seasonal events in My Neighbor Alice introduce limited-time quests, mini-games, and new assets, adding diversity and rewarding dedicated players. The game's replayability is extensive, as players are drawn back to care for their farms, interact with other players, and explore different islands within the archipelago.

My Neighbor Alice Game Review

My Neighbor Alice distinguishes itself in the web3 gaming realm with its relaxed and engaging gameplay, resembling a blend of Nintendo Wii aesthetics and Animal Crossing-inspired mechanics. The game effectively immerses players in quests and tasks, encouraging island exploration and social interaction.

My Neighbor Alice game

However, the characters and NPCs populating Alice's gaming world remain underdeveloped and lack memorability. In contrast to titles like Animal Crossing, where characters are distinct and endearing, My Neighbor Alice's characters serve primarily as quest facilitators or background entities. The game has the potential to elevate its world-building by providing more depth and backstory to these characters.

Overall, My Neighbor Alice crypto game offers a delightful and casual gaming experience. It provides a gateway for younger players to explore web3 gaming. Nevertheless, the lack of memorable NPCs and an overarching narrative can make it challenging to become deeply invested in the game's world and storyline.


  1. Beautiful, vibrant world.
  2. Relaxing gameplay and storyline.
  3. Open-world exploration.
  4. Abundant replayability value.


  1. Underdeveloped and lifeless NPCs.
  2. Occasional bugs and glitches.

My Neighbor Alice presents a charming and casual gaming experience, reminiscent of Animal Crossing, within the web3 gaming landscape. While its relaxed gameplay and open-world exploration offer appeal, the game falls short in character development and world-building. Adding depth to NPCs and enhancing the overarching narrative could elevate the player experience.

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