Hunters On-Chain: A Promising Web3 Addition to the Gaming World

Hunters On-Chain game is a blockchain MOBA battle royale where players compete against each other with different fun game modes.

Hunters On-Chain: A Promising Web3 Addition to the Gaming World
hunters on chain game

What is Hunters On-Chain Game?

This free-to-play action role-playing game offers a fresh take on the beloved battle royale genre. With a roster of 40 distinct Hunter characters, each armed with their unique abilities and weaponry, Hunters On-Chain promises an exciting adventure filled with mythical creatures, adversaries, and occasional player clashes.

How to play Hunters On chain Game?

Hunters On-Chain stands out in the crowded gaming landscape thanks to its diverse array of game modes. Players have the freedom to choose from Boss Hunt, Duel, Hunt, Co-Op, Bounty Hunt, and Dungeons, each offering a distinctive style of gameplay. For instance, in Boss Hunt, camaraderie shines as players join forces to tackle a range of formidable boss monsters, with the challenges intensifying as these adversaries level up. In Duel, a thrilling showdown unfolds as two players engage in combat, employing three hunters to compete in rounds and accumulate points.

A Visual Feast: The Gameplay

The game's aesthetics are visually pleasing, featuring a block-style environment divided into various biomes, including lush forests, scorching deserts, and frosty winter landscapes. The music complements the experience, adding a whimsical touch to the game's immersive atmosphere. Although not as intricate as traditional RPGs, Hunters On-Chain introduces character progression through artifacts that unlock unique in-game abilities, shards that enhance hunters, and equipment that will resonate with RPG enthusiasts.

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The game's brief play sessions, approximately three minutes in Hunt and Boss modes, eliminate the need for tedious in-game currency grinding, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. Additionally, players can utilize the in-game currency, $BGEM, to acquire chests containing artifacts and equipment. The primary downside in the current version of the game is the interface when exploring your character's abilities and the utilization of artifacts, which can be slightly perplexing and time-consuming to grasp.

Hunters On chain game Review

While the gameplay becomes remarkably smooth after a few rounds, there's a sense of longing for additional mechanics. Furthermore, the absence of a compelling narrative that fleshes out the game's universe is noticeable. Nonetheless, these concerns are relatively minor, considering the game's early developmental stage.

hunters on chain game

In conclusion, Hunters On-Chain is an impressive gaming venture that introduces a sustainable ecosystem spanning multiple games, with the objective of reducing the barriers to entry into web3 gaming. It undoubtedly merits exploration for anyone intrigued by the fusion of battle royale and RPG elements.


  1. Quick Play Sessions Cater to Different Schedules
  2. Engaging Character and Environment Design in a Blocky Style, Suitable for All Age Groups
  3. Diverse Game Modes Appeal to a Wide Range of Gamers


  1. Interface for Characters and Artifacts Can Be Confusing
  2. Gameplay Mechanics May Feel Repetitive Over Time
  3. Lack of a Compelling Narrative to Establish the Game's Universe

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