Blast Royale Review: A Unique Mobile Battle Royale Experience

Blast Royale is a mobile Battle Royale game designed for the web3 gamers.

Blast Royale Review: A Unique Mobile Battle Royale Experience
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Blast Royale Game Overview

Blast Royale is a top-down battle royale game currently available on both Apple and Android platforms. Distinguished by its cartoon-style graphics, the game offers a visually appealing and unique gaming experience. Players start by selecting their characters and have the option to enhance their battle prowess by equipping various items that boost their might score. These items can be acquired from the marketplace or unlocked through the battle pass.

Blast Royale Game Gameplay

Blast Royale introduces three distinct gameplay modes: casual, ranked, and custom games. The inclusion of a custom game mode is a welcome feature, fostering community engagement in PvP gameplay. Presently, the game features a single map with several biomes, maintaining variety while avoiding repetitiveness. The map's reasonable size allows for numerous matches without it feeling monotonous.

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Upon selecting a mode and outfitting your character, you must choose your landing spot. The objective is to outlast 50 other players and be the last one standing as the map gradually shrinks, pushing all participants closer together. To maintain swift matchmaking, the game incorporates bots, given the relatively low human player population. However, this can lead to less challenging AI encounters, with distinctly different experiences when facing human opponents.

On the map, players discover buildings for cover and, more importantly, color-coded crates denoting equipment rarity. Blast Royale emphasizes shield, health, and ammo as primary stats. The game offers an array of weapons, including classics like shotguns, pistols, and sniper rifles, as well as unique choices such as the crossbow. All weapons share a common ammo pool and feature two specials, ranging from grenades and nukes to shields and dashes.

The camera and character movement offer a smooth experience with minimal lag. The game employs an x-ray feature to indicate when a character is behind an object, maintaining visibility while navigating obstacles. Weapons feel responsive, though adapting to varying ranges and fire rates can take some time. This adjustment is further complicated by the lack of information about a weapon's attributes until a few shots have been fired, consuming precious ammo. A diverse selection of specials allows players to craft distinct playstyles and tackle various challenges.

Blast Royale Game Review

In summary, Blast Royale brings a fun and distinctive twist to the battle royale genre. Despite being in development, the game already provides a wealth of gameplay options and features. Its mobile compatibility makes it accessible for impromptu gaming sessions. However, the low player population and reliance on AI opponents may deter some players. Nonetheless, the addition of custom game modes, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and substantial rewards make Blast Royale a game worth exploring for battle royale enthusiasts.

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Blast Royale Game

Blast Royale offers an entertaining and distinctive contribution to the battle royale genre, boasting an array of gameplay options and features despite its ongoing development. Its mobile accessibility ensures convenient gaming for spontaneous moments. However, the game's limited player base and reliance on AI adversaries may impact the experience for some. Nevertheless, the inclusion of custom game modes, a diverse weapon selection, and generous rewards position Blast Royale as a game that battle royale enthusiasts should consider trying out.


  • Easy accessibility
  • Wide variety of weapons and items
  • Competitive leaderboard


  • Limited player pool
  • Single map
  • Controls require adjustment for optimal gameplay

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