Degen Royale Review: An Exciting NFT-Powered Shooter Awaits

Degen Royale is a thrilling third-person shooter that introduces a unique twist by allowing players to customize their avatars based on the NFTs they hold.

Degen Royale Review: An Exciting NFT-Powered Shooter Awaits
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Degen Royale Game Overview

Drawing inspiration from popular titles like Fortnite and PUBG, the game transports players to a shared island where they must scavenge for weapons and battle it out. While the game's lore is sparse, Magic Beans are introduced as a significant element, offering potential bonuses, access to new levels, gear airdrops, and even the possibility of creating a player's own Degen Royale Island.

Behind Degen Royale is an experienced team, with one of the co-founders hailing from Interverse, a company renowned for its expertise in AI solutions. Chimera Capital provides financial backing to the Degen Royale team, ensuring ample resources for development. With over 40 years of combined experience in digital products, the team brings a wealth of knowledge to the project. Degen Royale can be accessed via Steam, adding an extra layer of security compared to downloading it directly from the website. The game is free to play, and players can access different skins through corresponding NFT ownership.

Degen Royal Gameplay

Degen Royale offers two distinct game modes: team battles and free-for-all rumbles. In team battles, players are divided into red and blue teams, each with a maximum of four members. The objective is to reach a total of 30 kills, with the first team to achieve this emerging victorious. On the other hand, free-for-all rumbles can accommodate up to 100 participants competing to be the first to secure 25 kills. Players can either join ongoing rumbles or create their own.

Upon entering the game, players are equipped with a standard Degenerate Ape Academy skin and a standard-issue weapon called a 'Hand Gun,' featuring a large hitbox. Additionally, Degen Royale boasts four NFTs that can be equipped as weapons: Banana Blaster, Drop Bazooka, Candy Gun, and Cash Gun. Throughout the map, players can discover and equip other weapons, ranging from submachine guns to sniper rifles. These weapons offer varying firing rates and damage, adding an element of experimentation as players seek their preferred playstyle.

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A standout feature on Degen Royale Island is the presence of jump pads, which propel players high into the air and allow them to decelerate at the peak of their jump. These pads serve various purposes, including ascending from the beach to the main island area and reaching the tops of buildings. The island itself features diverse environments, from a cave with a lava-style setting to a beachfront with a pier building. A tall central building with four primary windows is strategically positioned, offering players a vantage point for asserting control over the area.

One of the game's integral aspects is player skins, which change based on the NFTs owned by the player. This not only results in a unique gaming experience for each player but also impacts hitboxes and visibility. Degen Royale supports a range of NFTs, including Solana and Ethereum, with support for Aptos and Cardano in the pipeline. A comprehensive list of supported NFTs is available for players to choose from, allowing them to make their skin selection wisely.

Degen Royale Game Review

Degen Royale invites comparisons to other beloved shooters like Fortnite and PUBG. Its user interface is intuitive, making it easy for players to find matches and link their accounts to enable the use of various skins. Controls are reminiscent of other shooters, ensuring that the game is accessible and enjoyable, with the added novelty of player-owned NFTs. While the game currently lacks mobile functionality, it accommodates lower-spec machines, as the graphics are not overly demanding.

Graphics in Degen Royale meet industry standards, but there is room for improvement in addressing hitbox issues and refining weapon handling. Audio in the menu section harmonizes well with the game's theme, but in-match music and sound cues could benefit from enhancement. Overall, I would rate the game 6.5 out of 10; it's fun and easy for newcomers to pick up. However, a tutorial to teach the basics is noticeably absent.

Despite the need for improvements in audio and hitbox-related issues, Degen Royale remains a promising game with the potential to rival beloved shooters. For players accustomed to multiplayer shooters, the gameplay experience will feel familiar, while also introducing the advantages of web3 functionality within the game. It's worth noting that certain more expensive NFTs may offer an unfair advantage due to their unique hitboxes, as seen with the SMB skin, which presents a challenging target due to its slender and small hitbox.

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Degen Royale serves as a fantastic introduction to web3 gaming for multiplayer shooter enthusiasts. The game is easy to grasp and offers an enjoyable experience, particularly in the Free-for-all Rumble mode, which supports up to 100 players per match. While the game is well-designed, it may occasionally suffer from low player counts, leading to repetitive encounters with the same opponents or joining ongoing Free-for-all Rumbles that are challenging to win, as they are already in progress.


  • Fun and beginner-friendly
  • A variety of weapons and skins available without investment
  • A vast map with diverse spawn points
  • A compelling example of web3 functionality in gaming


  • Need for audio and hitbox improvements
  • Limited tutorial for newcomers
  • Potential imbalance due to NFT-owned skins
  • Occasional low player counts in matches

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