The Beacon: A Promising Pixel Art Roguelite Adventure Crypto Game

Venture into the world of The Beacon, a web3-based game where you take on the role of a hero dispatched to a faraway land, Altaris, to investigate the weakening protection of The Beacon.

The Beacon: A Promising Pixel Art Roguelite Adventure Crypto Game
The Beacon game

What is the beacon game?

Venture into dungeons, defeat evils, explore the world with friends, and expand the Beacon's light!

the beacon game

This pixel art roguelite adventure offers an intriguing premise and stunning pixel art, catering to both older and younger gamers. While the game currently has limitations due to its Settlement Launch, it shows significant promise for future updates.

Engaging Pixel Art and Collaborations

The Beacon impresses with its pixel art, offering a detailed world that appeals to a wide range of players. The characters are meticulously crafted, allowing for various traits while maintaining a clean pixel aesthetic. Collaborations with other NFT collections introduce recognizable characters and items, adding a sense of familiarity and customization to the game.

How to play The Beacon crypto game?

As of now, The Beacon's Settlement Launch primarily offers a solo PVE mode, where players can undertake daily dungeon missions and participate in a quiz in the tavern. The quiz, hosted by an oddly familiar elderly man, provides daily insights into the game's lore or daily mission, rewarding players who answer correctly with loot chests.

The quiz is forgiving, often allowing multiple attempts to answer correctly. The daily changes in NPC dialogue lines enhance immersion and character depth, making interactions more enjoyable. The procedurally generated dungeons offer unique challenges daily, with varying layouts, sizes, and dungeon inhabitants. Some dungeons also include extra missions, such as speedruns or additional stages, to spice up the gameplay.

Reward System and Customization

Completing the daily dungeon and quiz earns players loot chests, each containing 1 to 3 items of different rarities: Common (non-NFT), Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical (only obtainable by recycling legendaries). Loot items range from character customization options to house decorations. Players can personalize their in-game homes or sell items on the marketplace to customize their characters.

Recycling items within the same rarity tier grants a random item of the next rarity tier, a helpful mechanic for those seeking better loot.

The Beacon Game Review

The Beacon's Settlement Launch, which began on November 26th, offers an enjoyable gaming experience. However, it currently lacks the depth and variety in game modes to keep players engaged for extended periods. After completing the daily quiz and dungeon, there is limited content to explore, and the dungeon is not replayable. The existence of multiple characters allows players to repeat daily tasks.

Occasional collision bugs in the dungeon can be exploited, affecting gameplay balance. Despite these issues, The Beacon presents a fun game with tremendous potential for future growth, especially after the inclusion of features beyond the generation-0 pet mint.


  1. Beautiful pixel art world.
  2. Procedurally generated dungeons for replayability.
  3. Challenging gameplay.
  4. Intriguing NPCs.


  1. Limited to PVE during the Settlement Launch.
  2. Occasional glitches, including collision and hit registration.

The Beacon offers a visually stunning pixel art roguelite adventure with engaging gameplay and customization options. While the current Settlement Launch has limitations in terms of game modes, it shows significant promise for future updates. With its unique art style and evolving features, The Beacon is poised for success in the world of web3 gaming.

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