Knights of the Ether: A Deck-Building Roguelike Adventure

Knights of the Ether: Blightfell is not your ordinary game; it's a Web3 deck-building roguelike that delivers boundless replayability and competitive gameplay, all while putting your strategic prowess to the test.

Knights of the Ether: A Deck-Building Roguelike Adventure
Knights of the Ether

Knights of the Ether is a captivating online, browser-based game that combines deck-building and roguelike elements to create an unpredictable and strategic adventure. Using Arbitrum network.

Knights of the Ether Game Overview: A World of Choices

In this game, players step into the shoes of a villager, a blessed villager, or a knight, each with their unique health pools. The action unfolds on procedurally generated maps, with daily rotating special events that challenge all players with the same map.

The map is marked with various icons representing battles, points of interest, shrines, mysteries, and shops, all essential for your journey.

Knights of the Ether Gameplay: A Battle of Wits

The heart of the game lies in battles, where you face a variety of monstrous foes using your cards for offense, defense, buffs, and healing. Battles are turn-based, and your card usage is limited by action points. Potions can be found along the way, providing crucial aid. It's important to note that the difficulty level can significantly vary between normal and elite battles.

While strategic planning is crucial, luck also plays a role, especially when it comes to the card rewards you draw during your adventure.

Each monster telegraphs its moves, aiding your tactical planning and reducing uncertainty. However, you must carefully manage your health pool, as hitting zero HP means a game over and a fresh start with a new map.

Unlike some games, health doesn't automatically regenerate between battles in Knights of the Ether, adding intensity and strategy. If you suffer heavy damage in one encounter, that damage carries into the next, unless you consume a health potion or find a shrine. Shrines offer card upgrades, enhancing attack power, reducing action point costs, or boosting buff effects. Alternatively, resting at a shrine partially recovers your health.

During your journey, you'll encounter shops where you can spend the gold earned from battles to purchase new cards, items, or potions. Mystery encounters present diverse scenarios, such as trading health for buffs or making purchases with available coins.

The game keeps you engaged with branching map paths, offering different experiences based on your chosen route. The limitation of three action points per turn adds another layer of strategic complexity. Enemies are formidable, demanding careful judgment of when to defend or attack.

Despite a few minor issues, like bullet-sponge enemies and occasional overpowered foes that disrupt game balance, Knights of the Ether provides an engaging gameplay experience. The ever-changing maps and adversaries keep things fresh, even after multiple playthroughs.

Knights of the Ether Review: A Promising Journey

knights of the ether

The potential for different outcomes, driven by randomized cards, enhances the game's replayability. However, some minor bugs, such as malfunctioning potions and inconsistent attacks/buffs, may occasionally affect the experience. Fortunately, these issues do not severely hinder gameplay or prevent map completion.

Knights of the Ether crypto game might not revolutionize its genre, but it offers a fresh experience for deck-building roguelike enthusiasts, thanks to its unique lore and graphics. The game exhibits great promise, and its future development is something to look forward to.


  • Diverse range of monsters.
  • High replayability with randomized cards.
  • Challenging yet enjoyable battles.


  • Some minor bugs and glitches.
  • Occasional issues with enemy threat levels.

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