Aurory: A Web3 Tactical Battle Game with Promising Potential

AURORYcrypto game is a free-to-play, tactical, turn-based JRPG built on the Solana blockchain.

Aurory: A Web3 Tactical Battle Game with Promising Potential
Aurory crypto game

What is Aurory game?

Embark on an epic adventure in Aurory, a web3-based game that unfolds the story of Satoshi, a hero who seeks to establish a fairer standard in a world corrupted by power. With detailed lore, anime-style graphics, and gameplay that combines elements of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and League of Legends, Aurory presents an engaging experience. However, it comes with its share of strengths and weaknesses.

Engaging Lore and Detailed Graphics

Aurory introduces players to a rich narrative featuring Satoshi, a hero striving for a more equitable world. The game's anime-inspired graphics are visually stunning, setting the stage for a high-definition, anime-style universe with multiple regions. The development team, comprising over 45 members with experience in triple-A game studios, contributes to the game's intricate design.

How to play Aurory crypto game?

As of now, Aurory offers limited open-world gameplay, primarily through the Nexus, providing teasers of what's to come. The playable aspect of the game is Aurory Tactics, a 3v3 PvP battle mode using Nefties. This browser-based game requires no downloads and can be played on PC.

Aurory game

In Aurory Tactics, players assemble teams of Nefties, each possessing unique abilities and characteristics. The game offers both free-to-play and owned Nefties as NFTs, allowing for varied team compositions. A strategic timeline system guides battles, enabling players to plan their moves based on ability time consumption.

Reward System and Competitive Play

Winning battles in Aurory Tactics rewards players with in-game tokens ($TOKE for free Nefties and $OKA for owned NFT Nefties), which are converted into the main ecosystem token, $AURY, every Wednesday. The reward pool is managed by the Aurory team to prevent inflation, adapting to player activity. Additionally, a leaderboard showcases the top players, with rewards for the top-ranking players and special skins for the top 3.

Aurory crypto game Review

Aurory Tactics demonstrates elements of popular games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and League of Legends, offering a blend of accessibility and complexity. The game is easy to grasp yet retains depth for experienced players. However, it faces challenges:

Matchmaking and Bugs: The matchmaking system occasionally fails to pair players with similar skill levels, and the game experiences bugs that are addressed once a month on average.

Performance Requirements: The detailed graphics may strain lower-end PCs, and there is currently no mobile version of the game.

Tutorial and Game Balance: The tutorial can be improved to provide a more thorough understanding of the game, and some game balance issues need addressing.

Despite these challenges, Aurory has the potential to become a compelling web3 gaming experience. Enhancements to the timeline system, bug fixes, and improvements to the tutorial can enhance the overall gameplay.


  1. Well-designed battle mechanics and graphics.
  2. Engaging leaderboard format.
  3. Variety of viable team compositions.
  4. Incentives for free-to-play players.


  1. Matchmaking issues in certain time zones.
  2. Visual bugs due to the alpha stage.
  3. Performance challenges for older hardware.
  4. Tutorial in need of improvement.

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