Big Time: Cooperative RPG with NFT Collectibles and Time-Traveling Adventure

Big Time is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG crypto game that combines fast-action combat and adventure through time and space. Create your own Metaverse!

Big Time: Cooperative RPG with NFT Collectibles and Time-Traveling Adventure
Big Time Game

What is Big Time Game?

Big Time crypto game, developed by Big Time Studios, is a cooperative RPG that merges fast-paced combat, NFT collectibles, and an adventure that spans across various historical eras. Players collaborate in parties to explore procedurally generated dungeons, metaverse web3 full ON, and unravel a mysterious threat endangering the fabric of time.

big time game

How to play Big Time crypto game?

Key Gameplay Features:

  1. Procedurally Generated Dungeons: Big Time offers procedurally generated dungeons that provide players with NFT and non-NFT loot. This dynamic design ensures a fresh experience each time you enter a dungeon.

  2. Cooperative Play: Players can form parties of up to six members to conquer dungeons. Objectives within dungeons vary, from disarming bombs to collecting items, encouraging teamwork and coordination.

  3. Time Machines and SPACE: Time Machines serve as a core gameplay mechanic, allowing players to expand and personalize them. SPACE NFTs come in various rarities and sizes and determine the expansion of your Time Machine.

  4. Class System: Players start with a chosen class and can switch classes using pocketwatches found by defeating enemies. However, equipping pocketwatches from different classes resets your progress, discouraging frequent class changes within the same category.

Big Time Game Review

A Cooperative RPG with Room for Improvement

Big Time game presents an exciting blend of cooperative RPG gameplay and NFT collectibles in a vibrant, visually distinctive world. The procedurally generated dungeons promise virtually endless content for players to explore.

However, the repetitive nature of dungeon objectives, such as collecting flowers or defeating enemies, can diminish the overall experience. The arbitrary distribution of NFT loot may lead to frustration, especially for players who feel they contributed more to their group.

One notable challenge is the punitive approach to upgrading pocketwatches within the same class, which discourages players from adopting better pocketwatches unless they offer significant improvements.

Despite these shortcomings, Big Time introduces a cooperative RPG that encourages group play, exploration, and social interaction. Its captivating storyline, unique art style, and gameplay-first approach contribute to its appeal. The game's developers, Big Time Studios, are well-regarded in the industry, enhancing the game's anticipation and potential.


  1. Engaging storyline.
  2. Unique art style.
  3. Open world encourages exploration.
  4. Promotes group play and social interaction.


  1. Lack of a map for easy portal location.
  2. Limited travel options (e.g., mounts).
  3. Punitive approach to switching pocketwatches.
  4. Repetitive dungeon objectives.

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