What The Kart: a very cool web3 kart racing game

The next generation of Kart Racing developed by Ohbabygames. One of the most fun crypto games to play.

What The Kart: a very cool web3 kart racing game

What is What the kart game?

What the kart is the next generation of Kart Racing game where you can play with friends cross-platform, build your garage, collect wacky karts, and dominate the track! 

It's developed by the studio Ohbabygames and raised 6 million dollars in january 2023.

How to play the what the kart game?

Very easy to play, characters are from the web3 culture, its fun to see some of them, they also created some cool game mechanics:

1- Race Royale is a great game mode and suits the casual genre. In Race Royale the last man (or woman) driving wins. After some time the bottom few players drop out of the race and get eliminated until one driver is left.

2- Instead of the traditional Mario-style drifting, players must initiate drifts themselves. By doing so, they charge up an ultimate ability that can serve as a boost, shield, or attack. Moreover, each character offers a selection of 2-3 unique abilities to pick from.
Thanks to this feature, the game sessions are generally shorter compared to the traditional 4-race Grand Prix. If you find yourself trailing behind in a race, there's no need to continue driving in last place with shame. Instead, you have the option to queue up for the next race right away if you prefer.

What's new about the game?

Alpha Wave #2 Patch Notes

✅ Friend & Party invite system
✅ Social leaderboards
✅ New Stages: Wild West, Hedges, Wassie Ghosts
✅ Ultimate abilities per character

Our take on crypto kart game What the kart

Ohbabygames are launching game genres that are known to attract a wide audience, which is perfect for those without many hardcore gamers. Additionally, they are including reputable characters from popular culture, which should also help with the onboarding process.

Many gamers may be hesitant to try web3 games if they require a wallet. However, OBB offers the option to log in with an email, eliminating the need for self-custody. If you prefer, you can still use a wallet instead of an email for added flexibility.

What the kart official website: https://www.ohbabygames.com/