Blockchain Brawlers: Where Card Games Meet Wrestling

Step into the ring with Blockchain Brawlers, a game that combines the excitement of card games with the thrill of wrestling.

Blockchain Brawlers: Where Card Games Meet Wrestling
Blockchain Brawlers game

What is Blockchain Brawlers?

This unique fusion offers four main sections to guide players into the game, with "How to Play" providing comprehensive instructions, "Play" for the actual gameplay, "Start Crafting" for card crafting, and "Burn" events for special rewards.

Engaging Card-Based Gameplay

At the heart of Blockchain Brawlers are its cards. Players can utilize 8 primary card slots, each card varying in rarity and power level. The game allows for the creation of 4 distinct loadouts, offering flexibility in gameplay from one match to the next. At the outset, players select 22 cards, consisting of a set-up card and a slam card. The set-up card is revealed to the opponent at the start, while the slam card remains concealed until later in the round.

Gameplay revolves around achieving victory in various ways, including having a higher 2-card score, forcing the opponent to fold, or winning through flexing. Flexing involves setting your face-up card higher than the value of your face-down card, with the aim of convincing the opponent to fold. Failure to fold results in the player who flexed losing the round if their opponent didn't flex as well.

How to play Blockchain Brawlers game?

Blockchain Brawlers features smooth animations during certain sequences and a power level indicator in the bottom right, increasing with wins and resetting with losses. Match types include ranked matches, VIP matches, and staked matchmaking with buy-in fees of 100, 1000, or 2500 BRWL coins, which can be purchased on exchanges like Nefty Blocks. The game offers leaderboards to gauge performance and a profile section with detailed match stats for personal improvement.

Blockchain Brawlers game

While Blockchain Brawlers is innovative, it has room for improvement. Matches can feel prolonged if sufficient damage isn't dealt, and some animations, like the fire animation for placing the slam card, could benefit from refinement. Additional animations could enhance the game's visual appeal.

Blockchain Brawlers game Review

In conclusion, Blockchain Brawlers delivers a distinctive gaming experience, catering to card game and wrestling enthusiasts. However, it falls short compared to other card games in terms of gameplay depth. While not suitable for everyone, it offers a challenging and dynamic experience for players willing to invest time in mastering its mechanics. With its comprehensive guide, diverse match types, and customizable loadouts, Blockchain Brawlers offers a casual gaming experience for those seeking something unique in the gaming world.


  1. Comprehensive guide for easy entry.
  2. Straightforward game mechanics.
  3. High-risk, high-reward gameplay.


  1. Some animations need improvement.
  2. Could benefit from more in-ring animations.
  3. Matches may drag on if damage isn't dealt quickly.

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