Trail Xtreme: Ignite the Thrills of Extreme Motorcycling in this web3 game

Are you ready to embark on an adrenaline-pumping journey through loops and stunts that will leave you breathless? Trail Xtreme is the ultimate motorcycling game that challenges you to conquer tracks with speed, precision, and the heart-pounding excitement of extreme sports.

Trail Xtreme: Ignite the Thrills of Extreme Motorcycling in this web3 game
trial xtreme

What is Xtreme Trial game?

From the moment you dive into Trail Xtreme, you'll be greeted by breathtaking visuals. Each scene, track, and bike is a masterpiece of design, showcasing intricate details and a captivating aesthetic. This game stands as a testament to the strides that mobile gaming has made in terms of visual quality.

How to play Xtreme Trial Game?

trial xtreme

Upon launching Trail Xtreme, you'll have the delightful opportunity to craft your own driver. This feature is a delightful touch, allowing you to represent yourself uniquely in the gaming world.

Navigating the Xtreme Hub

Trail Xtreme revolves around a central hub, a dynamic space where you can access story mode, tournaments, the garage, and the workshop. Here, you can interact with other players and even challenge your friends. However, the lobby size is somewhat limited, occasionally requiring multiple restarts to connect with your friends in the same lobby.

Story Mode: Conquer the Tracks

The heart of Trail Xtreme lies in its story mode, where you'll encounter a progressively challenging series of tracks. Speed is your ally here, as swift completion rewards you with stars. The faster you conquer a track, the more stars you earn. These stars are your ticket to in-game currency and vital bike parts necessary for unlocking new, high-performance rides. While the game claims that tracks become increasingly difficult, this may be subjective, as some tracks might seem relatively easy after conquering a more challenging one. Nevertheless, each track introduces unique elements, ensuring that the gameplay remains fresh and engaging. Tournaments offer diverse challenges, but you can only participate in one at a time.

Customize and Upgrade: The Workshop Beckons

The workshop is your gateway to creating and upgrading bikes, enhancing your speed and overall track performance. However, the correlation between bike score improvements and in-game performance can sometimes be puzzling. While speed and balance might increase, control doesn't appear to be significantly affected. Furthermore, a higher bike score doesn't always translate into superior track performance, as excessive speed can lead to overshooting landings.

Xtreme Trial game: A Rollercoaster of Emotions, The Review

In the grand scheme of things, Trail Xtreme offers a solid gaming experience, but there are areas that require refinement, particularly in terms of track design to prevent players from getting stuck or experiencing difficulties at specific points. The boost feature adds a thrilling dimension to the game, but its mechanics could benefit from greater clarity. Some track obstacles might prove frustrating due to poorly placed spawn points or suboptimal track design. Nonetheless, the game exudes addictiveness and is ideally suited for quick, engaging play sessions, perfect for squeezing in between daily chores or during short breaks. The challenge mode, in particular, elevates the competitive spirit, enabling friendly rivalries and opportunities for bragging rights.

In summary, despite minor issues related to track design and certain ambiguities in game mechanics, Trail Xtreme remains an addictive gem, tailor-made for quick and exhilarating gaming sessions. The inclusion of a competitive challenge mode amplifies player engagement, fostering a sense of camaraderie and spirited competition.


  1. Unique Camera Dynamics
  2. Highly Engaging and Addictive Gameplay
  3. Promotes Competitive Spirit


  1. Certain Game Features, Like 'Boost,' Lack Consistency
  2. Some Tracks May Lead to Repetitive Loops Due to Challenging Obstacles
  3. Bike Upgrades Do Not Always Correspond Well With In-Game Performance Enhancements

Trail Xtreme is more than just a game; it's an adventure that unleashes the thrill-seeker in you. Are you prepared to rev up your engines and conquer the Xtreme tracks that await?