Mission 6, The Carbon Asset™ Ecosystem Selects the Solana Blockchain Platform

M6 Carbon Asset

The Mission 6 Ecosystem

Solana provides a robust solution that is fast, inexpensive & operates at NetZero. Combining Mission 6 and Solana provides a true Carbon Negative solution.

Our patent pending Proof of Certification mining is a game changing alternative to Bitcoin’s Proof of Work mining. Moving from consumption and emissions to a carbon negative is a major step forward.”

— Nathan Albee

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, May 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mission 6 combines Solana’s Net-Zero blockchain with a new category of mining, termed “Proof of Certification” creating intrinsic value based on conservation and sustainability. Efficiency projects that reduce emissions are transformed into crypto-miners democratizing sustainability participation with the frictionless benefits of the blockchain. This process combined with the Mission 6 technology platform using AI, Machine Learning, Forensic Engineering and Industrial IoT provides the market’s best use case of blockchain and cryptocurrency to date. Mission 6 leads the market in utility as it is based on solving real world problems and creating value by using carbon and carbon emissions to back a currency.

Combining Mission 6’s “Proof of Certification” and Solana creates a unique solution that incorporates all the benefits of blockchain with high transactional throughput with exceptionally low fees (less than $.01)

The Mission 6 M6Coin is implemented as a SLP token on the Solana network with the token address of CH7XnCLxxr3fE8qa7Tt7jU7fXEo3hBjN7V3VeQBc855T

Mission 6 tokens are mined in a similar way to BitCoin using Miners and Validators. However, the “work” is done launching a carbon mining project that is certified by International standards using the world’s leading forensic technology platform. Mission 6 is giving the world the tools to solve the climate crisis with global scale, accuracy and is also unlocking the true value of carbon. Carbon credit value is based on an emitter paying others to pollute on their behalf, but the value of M6Coin is based on a technology platform that creates true results and impact. M6Coin is based on the representation of one pound of carbon to 1 M6Coin. But unlike BitCoin M6Coin is not divisible (1 BiCoin is divisible by 100 Million).

Mission 6 is having an exclusive launch event today, May 11, 2022 in Austin, Texas with the Austin Technology Council, the City of Austin and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Mission 6 visit www.mission6.io or contact us at info@mission6.io.

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