Dexvers exchange launches Zero G Liquidity Pools

NEW YORK, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Polygon-based decentralized crypto exchange Dexvers has opened Phase 1 Zero G Liquidity Pools to contributors. Phase 1 pool includes USDC.

Dexvers decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has opened its liquidity pool to interested contributors, offering 200% APY in Phase 1. This phase and its incentives will only last until the goal of $1.000.000 value in tokens has been reached.

What does 200% APY mean? If a contributor enters with 10.000 USDC, after a year, they will receive 100.000 DXVS tokens from APY, on top of the initial investment.

Bootstrapping liquidity in the current cryptospace may be challenging, but Dexvers is giving its contributors valuable incentives during the four phases of liquidity pool bootstrapping, starting with 200% APY in phase 1, and gradually decreasing to 125% APY in phase 4.

Polygon-based decentralized crypto exchange Dexvers is looking to change the DEX space, by creating a full universe of decentralized exchange. Dexvers offers standard features such as staking and farming, but enhancing their offer with freemium superior analytics, elite customer service, a trading wizard, as well as an option to turn user’s unlisted tokens liquid, and the RAILS program – allowing them to stake their real-world assets to gain a passive crypto income.

While growing into a decentralized self-sufficient ecosystem, Dexvers is looking to expand its community and welcome passionate crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. Dexvers invites everyone to join them on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter.

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